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​Poitier Productions has experience in planning weddings, conferences, funerals, church services, festivals, and concerts. 


Coy Poitier can be booked for motivational speaking engagements

Poitier Productions has over 25 years of entertainment business experience.


Poitier Productions has many years of experience in song-writing and music production experience in several musical genres including, Gospel, Blues, Country, Hip Hop, World, and Folk Music.

Poitier Productions has over 25 years of entertainment business experience.


Poitier Productions produces a combination of different content forms such as text, audio, images, animation, video and interactive content to  produce professional projects for our clients. 

Poitier Productions has over 25 years of entertainment business experience.



With over 25 years in the Entertainment Business, Poitier Productions is Experienced and Qualified to handle your Productions needs.


"I know Coy to have exemplary technical knowledge, and is a creative visionary in all projects he is involved in. I asked him to direct a commercial pilot for television and from the very beginning his knowledge of technology exhibited itself in his detailed preparation, along with his guidance and leadership throughout won him the respect of the crew and and all participating members. 
I recommend Coy most highly - His precise attention to any endeavor he is attached to enhances, and stimulates the project toward a successful conclusion. "

Helen Martin

"I have had the privilege of working with Coy Poitier for several years in professional capacities of video production/editing and audio production/engineering. Mr. Poitier is extremely skilled in these areas, and he brings not only technical, school and trade-learned talents to all his endeavors, but he also brings very passionate "eyes, ears and heart" to his work. I have seen Mr. Poitier be a "one-stop" shop and filmmaker, creating music videos from the ground up. He has some rare and valuable qualities such as always seeking to better himself professionally. He has studied at a top film trade school in Dallas, he has aligned himself with top professionals in their fields. I'm looking with eager anticipation for the name "Coy Poitier" to one day be in the circle of Grammy Award Winners and Oscar Winners. I believe Mr. Poitier will continue to fight the Good Fight, will keep his eyes on the prize, and that crowns of success in video and in audio await him and his collaborators."



-Grammy Award-Winning, 8-Time Grammy Award-Nominated;

founder-producer-arranger-musician, Art Greenhaw Records;

"Over the past several years, you have been a great person to do business with.  Your tech advise has helped grow my company from small and not seen to on that shines in the light of many.  Your videos and camera works are without dough, first class.  I thank you and Poitier Production for a job well done and I look forward to working with you again in the near future."



CW Whitaker, 

CEO A &W Consulting 

Coy Poitier serves as the Minister of Music and Christian Education Director at Fresh Anointing Worship Center of Lancaster, Texas (FAWC). He has served faithfully in this position for seven years since moving from Florida to Texas. Minister Poitier well known as a prolific songwriter, vocalist, and musician. His artistic abilities have been an asset in ushering in the spirit of God into our praise and worship services. He is a gifted pulpiteer and has the ability to articulate God's message to the youth and adult of this growing congregation and to other skill-set as well.


Through his evangelistic efforts he has interacted with several influential civic and business leaders who visited and participated in the service at FAWC. In addition to his spiritual duties, he actively participate in civic duties as evidenced by serving on various boards in the cities of Lancaster and Dallas, Texas. He enhanced is abilities to perform civic activities by graduating in the Best Southwest class of 2010



Carolyn DeLoach, Founding Pastor

Fresh Anointing Worship Center

Lancaster, Texas 75134


469-831-6790 (cell)